This site is dedicated to love lost, and love eternal.
It is a tribute to the beauty of lovers final dedications,
and everlasting devotion.

If any of the gravestones belong to you,
or a family member, and you wish it removed,
or you would like to add information
about it, please e-mail me.

If you have a picture, or a story that you would like to add,
I welcome the input.
I know there are many great love stories out there
that are waiting to be told, and I would love for this
to be a growing forum for those stories.

'Never thought I'd feel like this
Strange to be alone,
But we'll be together
Carved in stone...'

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Background from 'The Crow'
by James O'Barr

Created February 14, 2002
Dedicated to my Husband, Scott Hooper
Happy Valentine's Day Goobie, I'll always love you

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