Maud Vanderlinde

During the 1880's, Mr. and Mrs. Vanderlinde were passing through St. Joseph, Missouri, on their way to the west. Maud Vanderlinde died in childbirth while they were in St. Joseph. Her husband had her body embalmed, and built this crypt himself in Mount Mora Cemetery. It is remarkable in that it was completely quickly, without forewarning, and by a man with no friends or family in the area.

Caretakers at the cemetery recently noticed that they wooden door had deteriorated beyond repair, so they removed it, after a quick look inside, they bricked up the entrance.

Lying inside upon a plank atop two sawhorses was Maud Vanderlinde's still preserved body, dressed in her wedding gown.

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From Soul in the Stone: Cemetery Art from America's Heartland by John Gary Brown